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Hello! May I know how to count the number of weeks pregnant now? My last menstrual period (LMP) was on 5 Nov but my cycle is around ~40 days so I only ovulated around end November. When I use apps, some say It’s 6 weeks due to LMP but some says 5 weeks due to the date of conceiving. Thanks in advance all! 🤍

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I may not be answering your question directly but I would advise don’t count 😂. Just follow the EDD on your first scans else you’ll stress yourself out cause in between before you give birth, your EDD will change depending on baby’s size then you will lost count again. If you want to know your rough date of conceiving, use the first EDD date and backtrack. (Plus minus 1-2 days)

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Doctor normally use the first day of the last cycle to calculate the number of weeks. then as the baby grows, then they able to calculate the edd..