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i know its advised to sleep on the left side. but my baby kicks more when i sleep in the left. seems like baby is being squash. is this normal?#pregnancy

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I had a hard time sleeping on my left side during my third trimester too. The kicks and pressure on my cervix was unbearable. I ended sleeping in a sit up inclined position, which is most comfy to me. Ultimately I think it is more impt to get some sleep than worry too much about the best position. God knows we tried our best. Keep count of the kicks and consult your gynae if movement decreased. My baby boy was born 6 month old ago with a healthy weight of 3.18kg.

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i also sleep on the right more often. whenever i sleep on the left, it feels like i constantly need to pee so i cannot sleep. baby is healthy so far at 37 weeks.

I was told by my gynae to sleep on any side that’s comfortable. Most impt is to get rest.

2y ago

I was told by my gynae to sleep on both sides

My gynae advised whichever side is fine, most importantly you must feel comfortable!

left or right also kick. wondering am i presdin in his head or body

I personally feel better sleeping on my right side


Doctor told me any side is ok.