Is it okay to have sex?

Hi! I am in my early stage of pregnancy (around 4weeks). When I have sex with my husband, there were some bleeding on the sheets but it ended there. Do I need to be worried? Thank you. #advicepls #firstbaby

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Have you considered your Gynae? If your Gynae thinks that’s the pregnancy is volatile they might advice for you to keep off sex for awhile until the pregnancy is stable as 4 weeks is still too early.

Better not during first trimester. I had some spotting and had to take stabiliser Med, doctor said no sexual activity for now. For baby safety, good to wait till 2nd trimester

Hi! Good to ask your gynae. We were given go signal after 12 weeks since the pregnancy is more stable (I got heavy bleeding at 5 weeks though not due to sex :) )

Yes dear having sex is safe... in my 1st pregnancy i will bleed a tiny bit after problem ..1st n 2nd trimester ok. 3rd better not.