Will it tho?

I haven’t been really talking care of myself I’m scared that mine baby will Be unhealthy will it make the bb unhealthy too? #advicepls

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As long as you dont smoke n drink its fine...food wise even if u hv not been eating healthily is still ok as long as you take ur vitamins. From today you start taking better care its never too late

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i also same first pregnancy lunch always eat macdonald cause convenient and always eat out. But gd thing i eat my vitamin... baby still came out healthy with alot of hair. So dont worry still hv time, now u start

Of course, everything and anything you do you have to think about the baby first. No drinking alcohol, no smoking, take your supplements religiously and try to eat healthy.


Yes for sure it will impact on the baby's growth. Eat healthy and don't skip any meal. Even if eating out choose healthy stuff.

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Of cos. If you are pregnant, whatever u do affects the baby. So think positive be positive and your baby will be fine. Jiayou

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You’re health and well being definitely affects your baby. So hang in there and take care of yourself.

Please stay positive and take care of yourself