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Hi, I have applied for baby bonus cda account when baby is born but I’m still not married yet and my baby is now 17 months and I have just had my solemnisation alr and now I wan to apply for cash gift how do it do?

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Hi! I was wondering abt whats the outcome for your baby bonus cash gift? Is it successful or no? How do you apply it? because my husband and i also hvg the same question. So would really liked to know if you manage to get your cash gift. Looking forward to your answer! because sis i really need some assurance 😅

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Hi is your husband your child’s biological father? Because im not so sure about the EC but i heard you should be able to apply once you’ve married the child’s father

2y ago

Usually can. Your husbands name is in the birth certificate of the child? Last i remembered also need fathers name in birth cert then shld be can