2 month old baby facing bottle aversion issue

I have a 2 month old baby who we primarily bottle feed her with BM and FM. We had no issue with her feeding - she can drink up to 110 ml previously with little fussing - until recently. In the past week, we noticed she has been fussing and crying a lot whenever we try to feed her. Doesn’t matter if it’s BM or FM, she fuss and cry still. Recently we came to know about what bottle aversion is and though it wasn’t intentional, we realise that we had unknowingly pressured her to drink the required daily amount. Hence, we suspect that is the cause for her bottle aversion. Anyone with similar experience can share how we can help our daughter to get over this episode and enjoy feeding again? Now she only drink 60 ml on average and tend to fuss and cries alot. #bottleaversion #worrieddad #worriedparents #FirstTimeParents

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feed your baby based on her cues and needs, and not based on what the required daily amount is because each baby’s needs are different, and stipulated amounts serve only as a guideline. some babies have lesser milk needs. feed lesser amounts but more frequently.

Feed baby on demand! Some days they drink more and some days less. It’s normal.

Perhaps try to change the bottle teat? Could be frustration with the milk flow