Bleeding Again

Hi! I had spotting during my 2nd & 3rd week then after a week of bed rest, everything went fine and there was no bleeding. Today after a week, it bled again. - dark red almost brown - small dark clots - no cramp or pain - signs of pregnancy still present (tender breasts) Should I wait for my appt next week or seek advice today? #pleasehelp #firstbaby #1stimemom

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I would just go to hospital and check. My docs always remind me, if there’s any kind of bleeding, seek immediate attention. Whether or not it is serious, at least you have a peace of mind afterwards. Otherwise you’ll be blaming yourself for going hospital too late if anything happens. If everything is ok, at least you can be more careful and have medications to stabilise the pregnancy.

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I would call the gynae and report the current situation. Would be concerned would it be a sign of miscarriage. Did gynae issue Duphaston to help stabilise the pregnancy?

10mo ago

u may want to visit another gynae to seek different opinions and treatment

Hello! I’m experiencing the same thing now 😭 feeling super super stress. Tried calling multiple Gynae & they are all not picking up their phone.

Please call your gynae. they might give something to stabilize the pregnancy

How does things go for u? I’m experiencing it now