Hi. I had pre-eclampsia during my 2nd pregnancy.(high bp and swollen feet). Had to deliver baby pre-term (31wks). Im now 9wks pregnant with baby #3. Can i avoid another pre-eclampsia? And how do am i able to avoid?

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Discuss it with your obgyn. I'm sure he will suggest the appropriate medication such as Cardipirin to control the blood pressure from early pregnancy. And of course, mummy needs to maintain a healthy diet and excercise.

Swallow sperm will help and also prevent morning sickness. Proven scientifically. Though taboo, but proven.

I’m not sure if you are able to avoid, but given ur past history, I believe ur gynae will prescribe low dose aspirin throughout ur pregnancy? Check back with ur gynae

I think its best to get advise from your gynae since she knows ur past history well.

I think eating healthy wil help