Think i'm positive and advice on next steps

I had a few symptoms, i.e. tender breasts, fatigue and mild cramping now and then. So i took the PT (clearblue non digital) today, which is supposedly my 1st day of period and the results showed a faint line to indicate positive. Im not 100% sure yet and will retake a few days later. But if so, i shld be 4 weeks pregnant right (from date of last period)? Just wondering where do i move on from here. Am a #1stimemom and i read here and there that i should start looking out for OBs and most of them will only look at you from 8 weeks onwards? Any recommendations too? I've been taking folic for about 2 weeks now (swisse ultinatal, for preconception and pregnancy). Any other advice from experienced moms?? Thanks so muchhh!!!! #firstbaby #pregnancy #pleasehelp

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Congrats! Best to test aft 1 wk of late period, most accurate. U can try using the digital Clearblue which will indicate how many weeks along. May not be very accurate for some moms but mine was. Tip: Post ur positive result on IG and u'll get a free Clearblue baby kit! Anytime within ur 1st to 2nd tri. There may be gynaes who will see u at 6th wk but mostly suggest to see at 8th wk. Of coz it'll be such an anxious wait but if u have no bleeding during the waiting period, dont worry too much. I only had my 1st appt at 8 wks and I cld hear and see baby's hearbeat clearly. Abt 3 wks later took NIPT and knew the gender too. Very fast. For now, u can continue taking ur supplements and have a more healthy diet. I took the same one as urs till my 8th wk. Gynae told me to just finish my supplements and then take Obimin tt he prescribed to me tgt with calcium and fish oil pills.

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Congratulation! - folic acid - make an appointment with the gynae of your choice. - if you want to go via subsidy route, visit the Polyclinic now and get a referral to KKH, NUH or SGH. Other than the above, just stay happy and positive. A happy mama, a healthy baby. TaKe good care and God bless you and baby.

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Congratulations... You can do your first gynae visit between 6-8 weeks. below article may helps you.

congrats, if you want to confirm just take the test again a few days later