Which polyclinic offers HCG blood test?

I had a faint line using first morning urine but in the afternoon when I went to Bukit panjang polyclinic the urine test became negative. Bukit panjang polyclinic does not offer blood test for HCG, but I heard that some polyclinics do offer. Anyone know which polyclinic does? Or only GP does it? 5 days late so far #advicepls #firstbaby

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Hello! How was the blood test? Im currently experiencing the same thing. Hope its good news for you!

3mo ago

I didn't go for blood test in the end as I had bleeding, so went a&e. saw the gestational sac so was a lot more assured :)


maybe you can try to test again a few days later

you can call up those blood test labs too

go GP faster

4mo ago

thanks for the info! will check out a nearby gp then