Ectopic pregnancy

Hi! I had an ectopic pregnancy recently and had my right tube removed as my right tube was severely inflamed and I was already experiencing bleeding 4 days prior. I was 8 weeks pregnant when I had my right tube removed, the embryo was in my right tube. :( The doctors told me that I shouldn't have a problem conceiving after but I would like to hear from those who had a tube removed, how long after did you start to try again and by when do the pain after intercourse gets better? And how long did you TTC before succesfully conceive a healthy baby? I did womb scraping as well as my uterine lining was thick. I'm only 24yo and I would love to have my own children some day. #pleasehelp #ectopicPregnancy

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Hi there! I've not experienced it personally but I've a mummy friend who also had one of her fallopian tube removed for her first pregnancy (ectopic). She conceived again 6 months later and gave birth to a baby girl. jiayou in your TTC journey!!

Sorry, I don't have experience. But I have heard Most women who experience ectopic pregnancy and treatment will achieve a successful pregnancy in the future, I wish you to have a healthy pregnancy soon. God bless you. Take care