Tailbone pain aft csect

I had csect 3 months ago but I have been having tailbone pain. It was bad in the first month, I cldn't sit for long. My doc told me to do some exercises and it will go away. But I'm still having this pain now. It gets hard esp during breastfeeding. Wonder if anyone felt such tailbone pain before? My backache is also quite bad. Not sure if it's due to the epidural injection. Massage doesn't help, wonder if it's safe to go for chiro? #1stimemom #firstbaby #Csection

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Heard from other mummies, chiro is good. You may consider. I too gave birth during January this year and gave birth via csect with epi. My tail bone feel pain only when I bend down too low to pick up my baby or something else that are strenuous. Maybe our body just need longer time to heal.