I am expecting a baby in a few months and I would like to know, should I start doing preparations for nursery for my baby from now on or I can do it later?

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Im dont know how many months are left for your delivery but i started preparing a. List 4 months before my delivery date. Since some people also deliver early by a month and i dint want to take chances so 2 months before my delivery i started procuring the things. Did a lot of research online and in stores so that i give the best to my child and also things that are within my budget. I did research on best cosmetics, detergents, diapers, oils etc. I spoke to lot of ppl and consulted them. They gave me ideas and the imp things that should be stocked. I gave pure cotton soft bedsheets to be made, malmal hankys to be made and things like that. You can decide based on the time in hand plus the amount of help you have. I had no help had to do all by myself so had to start early.

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