Is it possible to WFH with an infant?

Hi, I will be delivering soon and utilizing 4 months of ML in one shot, and thus returning to work after the baby is 4 months old. My office is fine for me to WFH, and my parents are also fine to help take care of the baby at their place. Could you help to share what your post ML arrangements and experience is like? I'm not sure how much disruption to expect from the baby - if I can take care of the baby from home I will want to do so for as long as possible so I may latch; if not I'm not sure how and when to best transition the baby to the grandparent's house - I'll probably need to burn some annual leave to let the baby get used to spending time away from home. Any advice will be extremely helpful, thank you in advance! #FTWM #1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls

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My gal is turning 5 mths tml and i am returning to work nxt wk. before that i did try to wfh wif baby but its really hard if baby is very sticky. Fyi i am bottle feeding my gal. She will also be going ifc nxt wk. :) i took my ml n other leaves last yr and this yr.. i am solely taking care of her with no help from anyone other than hubby..

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Thanks! :)