If I am seeing private at KKH can I still opt for b2 when I give birth?

So I am currentl 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. Am currently seeing my gynae as a private patient because I wanted the same gynae I had previously. My previous pregnancy I opted for B1 so I didn't face this dilemma. To my knowledge B2 ward is considered a subsidised ward, so if I opt for a B2 ward will it still be my gynae that will be attending to me? Anyway I am having a scheduled c section, in case this makes a difference. Does anyone have any experience in this matter? I would really appreciate some insight!!!! ): #kkh #kkhadmission

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fixed gynae means pvt route..so can only choose A or B1 ward..u switch to subsidised u wont get tht same gynae anymore

1y ago

if u still want b2 maybe u can stick to the date but probably nt that fixed gynae..

hi mummy if u opt for b2 u will be attended by team doctor that is on schedule for that day

1y ago

even if my cesarean has already been scheduled for 1st March? 😭