Leave baby on playmat gym to rest

Am i a bad mom. Im a ftm, baby is 9 weeks old. Baby’s wake period is way longer now he barely nap during the day(sleep longer at night). I do talk to baby often & do tummy time atleast once a day. This is why i get more tired during the day. There are times when i just put him on the playmat gym for him( the one with toys hanging and piano music for his leg to kick) to play by himself while i rest for a bit beside him. But i feel guilty. As im supposed to be engaged in it too? Or is it normal to leave baby on playgym for half an hour or so to rest. I would place the playmat gym on my bed beside me (i wont sleep and definitely supervised). #firsttimemom

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Hi! I’m at ftm too and my baby is 7 wks old. She is also quite awake during day and seemingly likes to play. I”ll try to engage her with hanging toys and black and white books/pictures for her to see. Always tried to make her sleep after a shower but refused to sleep. I will also leave her at cot while I go for toilet breaks and quick chores

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You’re a human being, of course you need to rest. I put my baby in her cot while I tidy up. You can play nursery rhymes in the background. Or get black n white cards to baby to see during tummy time. I made up stories using those pictures and just talked 😝 You can get toys that crinkle, baby likes it.

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No, I do the same too. I have no help or extra pair of hands so sometimes I need a break as well. And since I’m there to supervised and ready 24/7 I don’t see any problem haha. Sometimes I just on Ms Rachel and put at the side for her to listen (not watch) so there’s someone “talking” to her.

LEAVE its ok. baby no need stimulate all the time! they need to learn to wait and also to process their environment and be independent in playing. half an hour is reasonable! what's the alternative? put ipad or TV for them to watch while u rest? You are doing a good job already!

It's totally fine! I also would leave baby at the gym mat when I had to do household chores. but I would stop every 15 min to interact with him. I've read somewhere tt it's actually healthy to let baby on his own sometimes to develop independence and develop self-soothing skills.

not at all! babies need independent play time to learn to concentrate and focus, so if they are not making sound or crying for attention it is good to leave them be to play independently. during that time u can finish up your chores or take a break!