Implantation bleeding Vs period bleeding

Hi all! May I ask , how did you notice it was implantation bleeding and not your period spotting? 4 days back , I notice light streaks of blood in my undies and when I changed & put some panty liners on , there wasn't any blood. It went on for about 3 days (the light streaks). I'm anxious as what other reasons can we bleed from below right? If this is really implantation bleeding, when would be best to test for pregnancy? I'm unsure with this process as with my toddler back then , I totally didn't realise I was pregnant until I was 6 months into the pregnancy. So it was back then a shock as we were not prepared. right now , I'd want to prepare myself better if I'm really pregnant with number 2. I humbly seek your expertise / advises and would like to hear from those who have experienced this. Thank you!! #worryingmom #advicepls #pregnancy

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Hi, I had implantation bleeding only around 12 days after ovulation (estimated). It was pink and brown. Literally two 50-cent-coin-size circles (spots) overlapping each other at one part. That was in the afternoon. After that, in the evening, my panty liner suddenly got soaked with very very pale red bleeding. No more bleeding after that day. A week later, still no period. I went to the clinic to get a pregnancy blood test and had a high hcg levels to confirm the pregnancy.

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