Can we eat paracetamol during early pregnancy?

I am 8 weeks now. But been having toothache lately. Cn i just take paracetamol cos the pain sometime unbearable

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my gynae told me that it is ok to take paracetamol. she told me that if i do take, i should take the normal panadol (not extra or for flu kind). fever could result in MC and i’ve had toothache which led to fever before. but to be on the safe side, better go to ur dentist to check it out. just inform ur dentist that you are preggy.

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Hi mummy, i had a similar experience in my first tri. Had a terrible toothache and visited the dentist. He prescribed a safe paracetamol and mouthwash. Please visit the dentist as apparently, it quite a common 1st tri “symptom” . Feel better soon!

it fine to eat normal paracetamol but have to stick to dosage.

Can only take the plain basic one


i did