40 weeks pregnant and still no signs of labour

Hi, I am 40 weeks pregnant and there is still no signs of labour! Past 3 weeks I have been going to gynae check ups and he said that my cervix is still closed. He mentioned that if cervix is closed he can't induced me too. And he said that we can only wait maximum another week (week 41) before opting for c section if cervix is still closed. I am so worried and I'm a FTM. I just hope I can try natural delivery before opting for c section. Any mums experiencing this? Any advise?#firstbaby #advicepls #1stimemom

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Do activities that can make u contract, e.g. sex, yoga pose (squats), hip stretches/roatation open up ur hips, walk around more for circulation and most importantly remove that stress as it is counter productive. trust ur body and bb, all the best!