What is one thing you're husband has done for you?

Comment below the one act of service he has done for you recently.

What is one thing you're husband has done for you?
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Since its very tough phase for us because of nausea and vomiting continues.. he is really taking care of everything household work, cooking, our 4 yr son and market..thanks to him without his support vry vry difficult to manage even a single minute.

I done everything for my wife (household chores, replenishment, food etc) during her pregnancies and even after she gave birth. She only went to work and home, nothing else. No change since then.

leg massages before sleep as i tend to get leg cramps (a few times) in the middle of the night.. and when it happens he will help stretch my legs

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He massages my tummy without fail every night before i go to bed.. no matter how tired he is.. 🥰

Be very patient with me throughout my pregnancy process. It's always the little things!

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Gives me all the attention & always giving in

Helping to wash the dishes without fail

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Chores & massage (when i ask)

Preparing yummy meals for me

Massage and cooking for me!