My hubby had a good talk with me last night as we hug to sleep in bed . He told me how he felt neglected and being treated like a last priority ever since I had my second baby 1 year ago .. also because I have been busy settling baby's stuff after kids have fallen asleep that I seldom sleep at the same time as hubby. Last time when we had #1, we always make it a point to go to bed at night together . I think he misses me at bedtime at night (not necessary to BD but we always hug to sleep ). I feel really bad but appreciate that he tells me honestly how he feels . I want to think of ways to quickly finish all that I need to settle , wash up and go to sleep together with hubby .. I think my main problem is after a long day as SAHM , my main way to relax and zonk out is to take my own sweet time to do things , and some "me" time etc .. hubby already helped me out with his housework so I have no excuse that I'm bogged down by housework .. I think I'm jus taking my own sweet time to do things. Need to work fast intentionally knowing that my dear hubby is looking forward to sleep at the same time together with me . He tried to wait for me but sometimes is too late and he gotta wake up early the next morning at 6am to send my boy to his primary he needs to sleep early . We don't have much help too so to want to plan for a date for just the both of us is not easy ..any good suggestions to make him feel special and to let him know that I still love n treasure him very much? :)

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