Mums, do you breastfeed your child?
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Yup, I breastfed my child for some time after giving birth.
Nope, I had some issues with breastfeeding and gave him infant formula instead.

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Not with my first pregnancy was too hard for me was getting frustrated with my midwife and plunket 🙄 but I'm hoping i get to breastfeed with my second pregnancy 😊

i still breastfeed my 1 years 2 month son...he dont want any formula milk...sometimes it hard to leave him with my mom if i have emergency thing ...

Breastfeeding is best for babies, so i opted for breastfeeding and still in the process till LO clocks 2

Yaa but only for 2m after that i hv to change to formula milk hmmmm so sad! No choice

Yes, i am still breastfeeding and I had the plan to breastfeed my baby for 24 months

Yes I breastfeed my child up till date without any additional food

Breastfeeding is best for babies. I planned doing that for 24 months

Breastfeeding is more healthy even if it's hard to.

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Yes, for over 8 months before I started solids.

I breastfeed my girl till now 1.5 years