Keep stroller at home?

How do you keep your stroller? Very troublesome to keep cleaning the wheels if using everyday. #advicepls

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I put in storeroom (on top of mat). I will close the stroller before I enter the house then carry it into the storeroom….. My lazy me will never clean the wheels after every use .😂

I just rolled mine over wet towel or floormat for a few times before pushing it beyond the main door area as the stroller is abit too heavy for me to lift it around.

lol.. I guessed I'm the only weird one. After every use, I'll wipe it down every corner with wet wipes. I use cheap wipes as I'd use a lot😅

I put on undermat for my bigger one. The smaller one we will fold it n keep in storerm


I dont clean the wheels at all 😅 just fold & keep at main door

I keep the stroller in store room