How did your/spouse propose?

"Will you marry me?"
"Want to buy a flat?"
Other (post in comments)

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Hey im pregnant. How?

I don't even know lol. randomly I guess ahahaha.

Hmm. Can i say is no choice but to get married cause i'm pregnant?

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expected proposal in cable var during a dinner.. LOL

How about? I'm pregnant 😂

he didnt propose me. he simply asked my dad's permission to marry me.

He proposed twice. The first time, i was so shocked, i really got many questions that popped out of my mind at that very moment.. the second time (after 6mos), he asked me again and answered all the questions i had in mind back then... but i said yes to both haha

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He just said that he will marry me..

We kinda just agreed we want to get married and did so,he keeps telling me he still plans to propose though

He just told me that he want to marry me