Hi, my daughter is 3 mths, fully breastfed. Today, I went to polyclinic to check her 3 mths assessment. All are ok except her weight. Given that she is 3 mths, her weight is 5.1kg. The nurse said that she is like 10% percentile some sort like that. The nurse said that might be she is tall. The doctor said that I might have to feed her more. I told her my baby is always at my breast and drink. She will either drink or playing with my breast. So far she is ok. I am just wondered is my breastmilk not enough? Or should I feed her with formula milk? I try to feed her with formula milk and she do not like the bottle teats. I try to relax her to drink also can't. She is used to my breasts and mostly she is direct latch to drink. Any opinion mummies? I am really worried about her weight.

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My #1 boy weighs 4.5kg when he was 3months. He continues to stay at 3-10 percentile till he reaches 12 months and move above 10 percentile. He was on total bf and no fm. We too were very concerned, and spoke to few doctors. Many has reassured us that it may be due to genes as both my husband and I were smaller babies back then. My baby also takes smaller and freq feeds. So long your baby is happy, wet enough diapers and meets her milestone, there isnt much to worry about. i know its stressful when others baby are always more chubby and bigger. you just need to stay focus... they will just grow up fine. stay calm and keep latching! cheers.

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