I'm 18 weeks pregnant now and I'm having a heartburn that can last until the next day. Is it normal?


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Yes normal! I’m on daily omeprazole for reflux/heartburn/gastritis so the doctor changed it to famotidine (which didn’t work for me). In the evening, the reflux was the worst, I could not lay down to sleep and it hurts super bad! Needless to say my dr changed it back to omeprazole after he consulted with the pharmacist to confirm that it’s safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Been on it ever since but I do still get reflux though not as bad that I can’t sleep. You can ask your OG dr for options and see what works best for you!

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totally normal .. currently 34weeks and still having heartburn every night .. i usually eat my dinner at 6 or 7pm and sleep around 11pm .. even after almost 4 hours i still will get heartburn .. sometimes till the next day ..

It’s normal , I get it till the next day too. Am 37 weeks still having it. Try to avoid spicy food if can. Spicy food makes it worst for me.

Am 19+ weeks & heartburn started since last week. Sometimes it's too bad & I take gaviscon.