To give birth at 1) Mt Elizabeth Novena 2) Mt Alvernia 3)Thomson Medical Centre?

My gynae is tied to these 3 hospitals. Any experience with them? Do share with me, thanks!

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I’ve chosen MNH out of Thomson and Mt Alvernia (my dr is from Mt A thou).. As I felt MNH is more responsive than e other two. Which I feels that customer services if more impt. 😊

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Little one was born in mt alvernia and little two was born in Thomson medical. Prefer mt alvernia, better services, ample parking facilities.

3y ago

am not driving,so parking space is not an issue but my last 2 is in Thomson far the nurses were nice,friendly and attentive. not as busy and noisy as some others that I went to checK out.

Mount elizabeth novena is good! Love the service, cleanliness and food. Felt like I delivered in a hotel😀

I went to Thomson . The service and care provided is exceptionally professional

Mt e novena parking is very terrible tbh. But of coz the hosp is newer...

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I’ve delivered in both mount alvernia and tmc. I prefer tmc

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No. 3 🥰👍👍👍