morning sickness

hi guys, im at my week 11++ now and my morning sickness is at its peak. had diarrhoea in the morning and afterwards i vommited quite abit. lately i have also been feeling sick and weak. is this normal?#firstbaby #advicepls #pregnancy

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hi eyla, yes morning sickness is normal and can peak anytime in the first trimester depending on individual. As for diarrhea isit one time or constantly having diarrhea? if it's that one time off, it should be okay. Do rest more and keep yourself hydrated. take small meals throughout the day and avoid food that triggers nausea for you. hopefully your morning sickness subsides by second trimester. My morning sickness peaked at week 9 and it eventually subsided at around week 15. I did take diclectin anti nausea pills from my doctor on days where I cannot afford to feel nauseated at work and it helps. Take care!!! hope you feel better soon.

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