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hi guys. i would like to ask if it’s really safe to take the vaccine. i’ve gotten my 1st dose bfre i found out i’m pregnant. i want to take the 2nd dose but i’m skeptical bcs this is my first baby and i’ve been waiting so long for this and i wouldn’t want to risk it which is why i’m asking if it’s safe for me to take? i’m 12wks now. i kept on postponing my 2nd dose so i need some suggestions. #pleasehelp #advicepls

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I took my 1st dose @ my 3rd week of pregnancy (not knowing I am pregnant). Got my 2nd dose at 11 weeks. I had no fever just abit sore and headaches for 2 days then okay already. Baby in me is alright too 👍🏼. I decided to take d plunge to protect myself & my baby, also still breastfeeding a 15 mth old toddler at home & also i hv an 11+ yr old who is taking PSLE. If ure thinking the most you could do to protect those around u too, maybe its 1 of d efforts. 😷 stay safe! 😘

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We are in the same situation! I got pregnant after my first dose too and I'm now at week 11, waiting for my gynae to give the green light for dose 2 at week 12. Honestly I'm very worried because of the rising cases 😞 and policies are not favoring vaccinated people. Clusters are so unpredictable now. My hubby encourage me to go for vaccine and protect myself too, so I will go for my second vaccine in 1-2 weeks time.

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Read the article and decided that we will not take the vaccine at all given the lack of studies on it. https://sg.theasianparent.com/pregnancy-after-covid-vaccine-if-you-should-you-go-for-the-second-jab/?utm_source=question&utm_medium=recommended

Hi, I think if you’re worried, ask your gynae if they recommend you to go for it as everyone’s pregnancy is different. I only went for my first dose at week 20 with gynae’s green light.

The best is to consult your Gynae. She will adv accordingly.

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it's better to check with your gynae to be safe

Better to take after 1st trimester