Hives on baby after changing to stage 2 milk

Hi guys can I check if it is possible for baby to get hives after having 1-2 feeds of stage 2 milk? Baby just turned 6 months so I'm transition him to stage 2 but notice he started developing hives. Brought him to the doctor and doctor said it's definitely hives, and it comes and go, no need to change formula of milk. Didn't change his brand of milk but again yesterday after feeding him one feed of stage 2, he started developing spots/hives on his face. I'm at a lost. I bought nan supremepro ha on standby however. Any advices would help. Thank you so much in advance #pleasehelp #1stimemom

Hives on baby after changing to stage 2 milk
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If you are concerned about specific formula try to kee rest of diet the same but go back to what you used previously . If the hives go away and stay away , try the stage 2 again and change nothing else. If the hives come back then it’s definitely the stage 2. You could try another brand instead and see how they goes

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