Elective C-Sect at KKH

Going for elective c-sect at kkh on 7 Feb. Very nervous and Dont know what to expect. Any advice or tips? #1stimemom #advicepls #pregnancy #Csection #labourstory

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Hello! I just had my elective csect elsewhere, hope this helps! You'll be wheeled to the OT waiting area where they will ask questions to confirm your identity and health condition. Anaesthetist will come speak to you as well about the risks of epidural / when you need to undergo GA in case of emergency. Then when everything is ready, you'll be wheeled into the OT. During the operation, do expect some tugging at your abdomen. You won't feel pain but you can still feel tugging and pulling. It's all normal. Nurses and anaesthetist will assist your gynae in pushing on top of your stomach to get baby out. It's all quite fast, nerve-wracking indeed. But you'll be alright! Take care and safe delivery to you! :)

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