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Am going back to work in less than a month's time. And I cry everyday at the thought of it. I am so attached to my baby that I can't go anywhere without her. I'm so depress. My husband told me to just quit, but I don't want to burden him with all the finances. Its also hard to find a part time/home base job in times like these. My boss does not believe in working from home either. When everyone is supposed to work from home as much as possible, he still insist everyone to return to the office daily. So requesting to wfh is not an option. Ultimately, I think I'll still be returning to work. I just hope by talking it out, it would take abit of the depression away and ease back on the crying a little. But I guess it isn't helping.

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Super Mum

Hey mama, Hang in there…going back after Mat leave is really tough and it’s one of the most trying times for working mums. Been through that heartache 3 times over - and I can definitely relate and empathise. For now, it’s gonna just need to bring gentle on yourself. Take it a day at a time and give yourself some space. One thing I allowed myself to do was to take leave if I couldn’t bear it. So, at the start, I maxed out my leave pretty quickly. Then I put up lots of pics of my babies at my workstation and had a mantra pasted at my desk - One said - I get stronger with every day that passes, for myself and for my family The other just said - I choose to work to give my family a better life As the days went on and I pumped at work I realised, that I needed to give myself more credit than I did. I also buried myself in the work I did. And I told myself I will work hard so that when I get home, I will not do any more work and all of my time will be spent with my baby and my husband. I hope my sharing helps mama. But if there’s one thing I know will help, it’s support. Talk to your husband regularly about how you feel, talk to people who will encourage you and give you that affirmation. Always rely on your village coz sometimes it can and will get lonely and dark - I will admit to that. Also, try to find something to distract you too- reading, games, drama series whatever. Just find something that keeps your mind occupied for when you need it.

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11mo ago

Thank you for sharing with me your story! It helps to know that I am not going through this alone!

Hello! i faced the same situation as well. My boss insist everyone to report to office everyday, die also don't want wfh. When i just came back from mat leave, it was very difficult. boss keep complaining that i function very slow and if this continue, i will get lesser increment & bonus. True enough, i got lesser bonus than the rest, reason being i was on maternity leave. -.- In addition, my baby is in ifc, and he keep falling sick. I was super tired. But now its getting better after few mths. When u go back office, don't expect the things to be the same as before maternity. We tend to function slower and short term memory after delivery. Give yourself some time to adjust back too. As for baby, its natural for you to feel this way. U have anyone to take care of him after u go back to work? U try to focus on other things instead of your baby. Jiayous, u will be ok 👍

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11mo ago

Did you not escalate this issue to MOM/TAFEP for discrimination? Also nobody whistleblow your company for not abiding by covid guidelines? I hope things would get better for you! Jiayou too!