Short cervix at 24 weeks

FTM here Just went to my monthly gynae checkup and I inform gynae that I did feel a slight period cramp like for 3 sec on off for 1 hour last night but today I don’t feel any cramp anymore. Doc suggested I go for trans vaginal scan and report shown that my cervix length is at 2cm, and doc gave me 2 choice, to take vaginal medication or perform cervical cerclage. Decided on the medication due to could be risk on cerclage. Had to go back next week for another scan again. does any mummy experience this? I’m so worried that doc mention I may have the chances of pre term labour as I am only 24 weeks in 😭 Does this mean I can’t even move about? Or even travel? #firsttimemom #advicepls #firstbaby

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I’ve had a miscarriage at 19 weeks previously from cervical incompetency. So this time round we did a preventive cerclage at 15+ weeks. You do need to get some rest after the cerclage and make sure your below stays clean. You can still walk about just not too long of a distance. The stitch held up and I delivered my rainbow baby in feb! With the stitch I also felt more secure.

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I have short cervix but only at near end of tri 2 so i had to bed rest till i gave birth on ard week38.

my first born is born at 33weeks 2days... better not to travel.. but u can still move about...