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Hi all, FTM here, just tested positive and is around week 4 now. Not sure what to do from here onwards and if private or subsidised route is better(in terms of waiting time etc) have been thinking of subsidised first then change to private too, but am not sure how's the procedure like. Would love to read some experience from fellow moms here! Thanks in advanced! #adviceplease #firstmom #newmom

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If u r gan cheong you can go private first to make sure all good. The first trimester is very important for me as I had two miscarriages before, so I wanted to make sure I get the most attention during this period hence private worked for me. Until you know your pregnancy is low risks and stabilised, then 2nd trim shld be less hassle/problem = less doc visit, less worry

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I went private route cause I have my preferred gynae. Faster waiting time scheduling in between appointments and same gynae thru out, so I find it less hassle for me. If you wanna switch from subsidised to private and have a preferred gynae, have to check your preferred gynae’s availability.