Swelling - Post Surgery

FTM, had C-Sect a week ago. After removing the dressing I realised my groin area have a kind of swelling. This was even more evident when I washed myself and felt my labia all swollen. Is this normal, has anyone encountered it? Called the hospital and nurse mentioned it could be water retention which can affect the groin area however she had advised if I am really worried to head down to O&G. Do advise if you've encountered this, wouldn't want to make a wasted trip, leaving baby at home. #firstbaby #1stimemom #advicepls #First_Pregnancy

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Maybe u try hydrating first and see if it goes away? Coz the reason why u get water retention is coz you’re dehydrated.


my swelling only goes off after 3 weeks pp. I think it takes time. you just monitor first.