Before OSCAR

FTM here; going for Oscar soon. wondering if there’s anything I need to do/prep before? Do I need a full or empty bladder for the scan? Do I need to fast or eat before the blood test? Thank you!

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no fasting required. but can have a snack before your scan to "stimulate" baby to be more active during the scan. mine was sleeping throughout so the sonographer had to keep tapping my tummy, which is not comfortable.

8mo ago

thanks for the tip, will have some biscuits before I go!

i kept my bladder full though, the nurse told me to drink 2 to 3 cups of water before gg for the scan.. 😀

8mo ago

np! 🙂

No need to prepare anything! Just go for it like a normal scan and enjoy seeing your baby :)

8mo ago

Thank you!