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Hi fellow mummy/mummy-to-be! I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant, but my weight doesn't seem to be increasing and my bump is also barely visible. My friend is due 2 weeks after me (also first pregnancy) but has a much bigger bump. And although my nausea has gone, my appetite havent increased and I am eating even much lesser than pre pregnancy. I'm not sure how baby kicks feels like but I occasionally feel a pressure at my lower abdomen. I understand that everyone is built different but I can't help but to worry that my baby have stopped growing. It'll be good if I can clearly feel that my baby is moving inside me, then maybe I would not be so worried. Should I bring forward my gynae appointment due to the concerns? #1stimemom #pregnancy #firstbaby #advicepls #pleasehelp

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Don’t stress about it. Yes everyone bump is different! I don’t felt the kick as much , slight movements during 2nd trim. Only when I lay down then I can feel abit more. Yes definitely will feel pressure on lower abdomen. Especially in 3rd trim. Totally have to sleep side ways . I felt breathless if I lay down facing up 🥲 Yes you can talk to your gynae about it. Most importantly baby is healthy If you want to put on weight, take avocado, eat meat, durian ( 😛 but don’t over eat ) I had durians during 2nd trim lol

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