Fatigue, Sleepy and more ..

Hello fellow mommies, This is my second pregnancy. My toddler is currently 2y1m old. I am currently on my first trimester and i am already feel like im on my third trimester. I have zero energy to do anything. I dont even feel like eating. I vomitted on and off. Im still able to eat something if im hungry but when i feel like vomitting it out, i'll do so. I feel so bloated. Heartburn on and off. Any remedies for bloated? I feel so shitty already. 😭 i dont even feel myself anymore. #pleasehelp #advicepls

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try gaviscon. i’m in the same situation as you except my edd is in jul. i just passed that phase of extreme fatigue and nausea that comes with first trim. hope u can rest more and get hubs to help out

avoid vomit! it's very harmful to ur stomach and throat!