21 weeks pregnant, haven't felt baby move

Hi everyone! I am pregnant with my 2nd kid, I am also having a lot of anxiety as I have been through 3 recurrent miscarriages after having my 1st born. I have an anterior placenta which could be cushioning baby's movement. I felt flutters last week, but not very distinctive. But this week, I've barely or not even felt baby move at all. I know it could be that my baby has changed position and they still do have a lot of room in there. But I don't know what to feel? Anyone with similar experiences or any advice on how I can deal with my sudden anxiety of thinking something happened to my baby?#advicepls #pleasehelp :(

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i’m in the same phase as you, 2nd kid and anterior placenta too. i’d say im experiencing similar movement for mine as well. sometimes it comes and goes.. but be rest assured that if there are no other signs, baby should be well! could be sleeping or moving elsewhere or like you said there’s a lot of room. i also don’t feel consistent movement. only worry at week 28. have faith :)

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