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Hi everyone . Just wanna ask frm you guys some feedback between KKh and NUh in terms of choosing hosp and subsidies wise. Cos i been receiving some positive and negative reviews for KKh . Really appreaciate if anyone could give some feedbacks/opinions about this. #firstbaby #advicepls #firstimedad

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My first appointment with KKH was a terrible experience (my preferred gynae wasn't available back then, so I went with any gynae on duty for the first appointment, at Clinic B) except for the helpful nurse who was also the duty gynae's assistant, the staff & quality of service from Registration/Customer Service to AMC were absolute disaster (fyi, I'm paying private rate, not subsidised). From my 2nd appointment onwards, which was with the preferred gynae ( who is located in Clinic L), everything was a breeze. My gynae is very reassuring too. background: I have an autoimmune disorder, that is why I picked KKH (in case of complications) and went for private rate (I prefer to have 1 specific gynae to go to for any concerns I may have). hope this helps :)

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guess in the end its what u prefer.. i chose kkh as its nearer for me and they specialise in women and baby. many private gynaes worked there first before opening their clinics. from what i understand, kkh also handles all ur claims for medisave, so u dont have to submit anyth for claims after delivery. there is no perfect hospital but u can trust the doctors and nurses, they are more than willing to help

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I was with KKH subsidised for the first 3 months, everything was fine but I decided to change to NUH now at the 4th month. i prefer NUH though, no strong reason why. Still thinking whether i should convert to private patient there.

convenience is one thing, in case going to give birth, you won't want to travel too far also.. since both are subsidiary patient rate, either one is fine..

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its hard cos its veryyy subjective. choose a very good gynae in my opinion