Brownish/maroonish discharge in 2nd trimester

Hi everyone, I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant. On my 16th week, there were brownish/maroonish discharge after i pee. However, there were no other form of bleeding that is enough to be seen on the pantyliner. As i’m a type 2 diabetic, i’m considered to be having high-risk pregnancy. Hence, i went to A&E to get it checked (i went 3 days after the 1st discharge). The doctor only said that it might be cervical ectropion and gave me progesterone. I went to my gynae 2 weeks later and again, i was prescribed progesterone but the gynae didn’t address anything about cervical ectropion. The discharge still appear even up till my 20th week and i ran out of progesterone. Should i head back to the doctor or is it actually nothing to worry about? Kind of worrying as its my first pregnancy and also a high-risk pregnancy. #advicepls

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yes, please go back to your doctor as it still not stopped.