hi everyone. Im curious is checking cervix dilation painful each time they check for u???? Bc i heard some people say its very painful

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Actually it’s depends on individual. The Doctors who checked for me did gently and I manage to bare the pain. So, I find it’s not pain as expected.

So painful for me!!! Doctor used speculum and shoved her hands up to check for dilation and it’s super painful for me.

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It depends. For me I feel pain when the doctor checked for me. Maybe cuz is male doctor.

Depends on gynea, first time was pain then second time by another gynea not pain

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I had epidural when i was 1.5cm dilated so no feeling at all.

Nope for me. I think depends on how gynae do it ba

Yes uncomfortable and some pain. Hate it! 😖

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Its painful for me too! Nurse did the job -.-

Very uncomfortable and pain is tolerable

Only abit uncomfortable but not pain.