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Hi everyone I'm 7 weeks now. I have been drinking meji milk but now couldn't stand the taste... Can I switch to meji chocolate milk instead? Doctor advise me to drink 3 cups per day.. Maybe I can drink this 2 cups day.....? #advicepls #1stimemom #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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I don’t think it’s compulsory to drink so many cups of milk per day. I have trouble even drinking half a cup…. I took marigold Low fat milk and switched to soy milk on some days. I don’t think chocolate milk is a good choice, chocolate contains caffeine and also, the sugar in it will definitely be higher. Try calcium pills instead?

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i couldn't stand meiji plain milk as well (i used to love it). so i tried all kinds of milk.. soy, almond, oat, meiji strawberry/ melon/ chocolate milk, yoghurt, beancurd and 3-in-1 cereal milk. or you can have it with oatmeal too. there are many ways to get calcium.

Did your gynae prescribe you calcium tablet? I personally didn’t take any milk due to lactose intolerance but I took alot of milo, and my gynae told me it’s okay if I don’t take as calcium tablets and milo will be good enough for me and baby..

6mo ago

Doctor gave me multivitamins only..

I have been taking 1x calcium pill and 1 cup milk. I personally find the Meiji chocolate milk too sweet. Had you tried requesting samples of powdered maternity milk? You can get calcium from yoghurt and pasteurized cheese too.

7mo ago

I just bought nestle Mom. Because it is made from A2 milk and is sucrose free. Going to try next week. But I don’t think I will drink daily. Maybe alternate days. On other days I will take normal milk.

I don't drink milk for my both pregnancy I don't think we should force ourselves to drink or eat something that we don't like I drink 2-3 cups tea a day when I was pregnant and my 2 baby is healthy happy mom happy baby

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maybe try switching the brand instead. chocolate is ok during pregnancy- but in moderation. so best to sticking to normal milk. maybe you can try marigold or u can try milk formulas for mamas instead :)

7mo ago

and maybe lower it down to two cups a day, once in the morning and once at night. too much calcium is also no good once u start taking prenatal vitamins. :) drink more warm water

I am 5 weeks and the same thing happened to me. I changed to Low fat milk and farm fresh Nubian goat milk. The smell and taste of the milk is lighter. So much better now.

my gynae told me to avoid consumption of chocolate as there is caffeine content in it. I think better to check w your gynae on switching it.

haha i dont even drink milk as im lactose.. i think u can request for calcium tablets if its easier. dont be too hard on urself!

Hmmm i think you should check with your doctor.. dont tink got issue. My gynae actually asked me not to take dairy products