Pains and aches at week 19

Hi everyone, I am at week 19. Having frequent pains at my upper and lower abdomen. Not sure if they are round ligament pain but it's very uncomfortable. My last gynae visit was in September and next one end November, so there is a long way to go before I can check in with my gynae. Would be grateful for some information if this is normal or should I be worried. Thank you:)#advicepls #1stimemom #pleasehelp

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it’s normal 😊 I’ve the same issue as you! I was paranoid about it till my gynae told me cus our uterus is being stretch due to baby is growing day by day! midst of expanding! anything wrong just ring up your gynae for early appt! no harm!

3mo ago

take care of yourself! ❤️

should be round ligament pain. it’s normal.

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should not be an issue, don't worry


sounds normal