Will KKH issue MC for counselling, FTS Screening and Blood Test?

Hi everyone. I was given 3 appointments at KKH which I believe is for the counselling before Down Syndrome testing, first trimester screening and then related blood test. However, my boss and work place is not very supportive and I was frowned at for taking MC/time-off for my appointment. I know that for the monthly consultations, the doctors issue MCs. But do they also issue MCs if I am only there for counselling session? I really need an MC if not my boss would give me hell. Sigh. #pregnancy #kkh #1stimemom

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The blood test itself i doubt there will be mc cos not seeing any Dr. But if you can ask KKH staff to help you arrange for your screening to be on the same day as blood test RESULTS COLLECTION, the Doctor that analyses your results that same day can issue MC.

11mo ago

Unfortunately they don't allow requests or changes in appointment nowadays. Thank you for the reply!