Baby hving colic stomuch

Hello everyone Currently my baby is 15 days old and she have colic stomuch,She is crying alot ,I bring her to NUH emergency and polyclinic alsk but i am not getting any solution for her colic , can i know how to get cure for colic what should i do to get rid of colic.Please advise me Thank you#1stimemom #firstbaby

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There’s no medicine for colic. However, when I went to PD they gave me BioGaia, it’s a probiotic and it did help with his tummy. You can get it over the counter at watsons. But I think maybe consult a PD first. Can’t rmb how old my son was when I gave him that. You can also make sure u always burp the baby after feeding. Can try rubbing the tummy and can do some leg movement to help let the air out.

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1y ago

Will do that Thank u😊