Baby hving colic stomuch

Hello everyone Currently my baby is 15 days old and she have colic stomuch,She is crying alot ,I bring her to NUH emergency and polyclinic alsk but i am not getting any solution for her colic , can i know how to get cure for colic what should i do to get rid of colic.Please advise me Thank you#1stimemom #firstbaby

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Unfortunately there is indeed no medicine for colic as it's not really a medical condition. Babies cry because of various reasons and esp in the first month, they are adjusting to alot of new things like loud sounds, lights etc as opposed to when they're inside mummy where all is warm and dark and they feel more secure. My baby was like tt too and I did everything but nth worked. He only stop crying when I latch him. There was a time I latch him the whole day, I cld barely leave to go to the toilet. I did try to give him Ridwind and gripe water but it didn't help. Aft 20 days, he got better himself and became less fussy. Cld sleep on his own in his cot for an hr or 2. So, just hang on mummy, this phase will be over soon!

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Thank u for ur response😊