Finding the right product

Every child are different and what is suitable for other children might not be suitable for your children. I bet many parents are in this same situation. We are constantly looking for the product that suit our children the best and at the same time are not too costly. But even if it’s slightly costly but it’s the right product for our child, we will still get it for them as long as it’s within our means. For me when my girl was younger, I have been constantly searching online and reading reviews all of the different products. In order to find the best suitable shampoo, shower gel and etc for her. Buying and trying it out to see if it suits my girl. Don’t we wish that some stuff that are overseas could be available in SG too? So we don’t have to pay for the expensive shipping. Do comment and let me know what are some of the best buys you bought for your child that you think other parents should know too. #1stimemom #firstbaby #shopping

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