How to combat cough and runny nose in a 10 months old baby?

Ever since she started childcare, she has been having runny nose and cough very frequently. Wondering what should I do to prevent or lessen the frequency? I bought multivitamin for her to drink every morning, and she alrdy went to the Dr few times. #pleasehelp #1stimemom

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Do you use a humidifier at home? It helps to purify the air. Does she wear jacket/ long sleeves in school? Cos infant care is air-conditioned. My son also has been sick quite often after attending infant care and childcare. I wld say nt much we can do to lessen the frequency though because they don’t wear mask in school and it’s common for saliva and mucus to spread on common surfaces.

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5mo ago

yes I use humidifier at home. Air purifier too. in sch she usually wears a romper and long pants.

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Same here! Been well for 1 week and unwell for 2 weeks then back to well for 1 week and unwell for 2 weeks again 😅