Hi, any review on Dr ada ng from kkh? Thanks

Enquiry on gynae

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Hi! She wasnt My First choice but so far, Im very satisfied with her. Very gentle and always ask if hv any questions to ask her. Recently when I got admitted, she even came down on a sun to attend to me because the on call dr was a guy and I requested for a female coz I feel more comfortable. So aft 2 hrs or so Dr Ada came. She also look friendly compared to other female drs. Happy I selected her 🤲🏼❤️

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I’m seeing doctor Ada ever since day 1 and soon to pop out. Dr Ada has been really understanding and friendly. You can ask her questions and she will also request you to ask her if there is any other questions. Dr Ada checks on me without fail during all my appointments. Dr Ada will always be my gynae not replacing her with any gynae .

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She was my gynae when i was admitted for cyst. She drew and explained to me in detail about my scan result. I am currently pregnant, and she have been attending to my requests and questions even though i have not ‘officially’ her patient yet.


Hi! First time mum here. Currently am 16 weeks & seeing her since my first appt. So far so good! Always very gentle & positive and answer all your worries and questions. 😊

I recently delivered with her. Reassuring and explained things well. Would recommend 👍🏻

1y ago

Hello, my delivery was around 10k. I was induced at week 39 and hospitalised for 4 days. Vaginal delivery with epidural under private room.

i’d one appointment with her and i felt she was not as assuring as Dr Lily Kho.

she’s good, many good reviews